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Changing Manufacturer

ITI is Smart HealthCare System and Solution manufacturer and Service Provider. We've been making TVs for use in hospitals since 1991. As times changed, we've merged the OSs like Android and Linux into our TV products. The combination of TV and SmartOS is a great help for our customers. The tide of the times will change. And in that era, ITI will be able to that. We are a changing manufacturer.

International Provider

ITI has been supplying products to a number of countries. Europe, the United States, Canada, Cuba, Asia, and even African countries. We are a International Provider

FullStack Developer

We've been manufacturing and supplying a lot of products. Who developed the products? ITI develops all products directly. Not only hardware, but software. Develops all parts of the product that come into contact with the user. We are a Full Stack Developer

Wise Experts

The ITI started business in 1991. It has manufactured many products, shipped many products, and developed many products. ITI has done business or collaboration with a large number of people. The experiences became our knowledge, and wisdom. We are wise experts.