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SMB Series

SMB Bedside Medical Multimedia Terminal
Designed specifically to be used by patient in hospital for Safety. Convenience and Cleaning Solution. Improve patient care connecting to the world-more at home, by providing multimedia service Patient Clinic information and Education improve patient health care consistently
01. Safety
  • Front panel designed for water proof and washable
  • Power supplied through coaxial cable (option)
  • CE, CAS, UL approved for hospital use
02. Convenience
  • Touch Screen (option)
  • Compact Handle for easy positioning
  • Hinge arm mount position for Maximum viewing comfort
03. Terminal Cabinet
  • Anti-Vandal Glass
  • Aluminum back cabinet for High impact and Heat resistance
  • Finish resistant to Cleaning solution and reduce
  • contaminants
04. Feature
  • Pillow Speaker Remote control for sound buttons and privacy
  • Digital microprocessor controlled
  • Circuit support for high resolution, Brightness and Contrast


wifi 2.4G/5G, P. Capacitive Touch (10 points), bluetooth 4.0, Speaker Remote, NFC enabled, 5.0M Camera